Monday, 27 May 2013

KhunToria ke KhunFanny ?

KhunToria ke KhunFanny ?
China - Thailand and Now U.S.A to Thailand . Maybe it's an old story, but I want to share it.

Indeed We Got Married is a working, but they look familiar to each other right?
They look like a real couple. And Nichkhun tell Victoria is his ideal type in episode 1 We Got Married. And he tell that he want Victoria to be his wife in WGM.

Radio Star : Khuntoria - July 19, 2012

And now..........

Rumors that 2PM’s little prince Nichkhun and SNSD’s Tiffany are dating have resurfaced via Pann Nate! Netizens have been rounding up evidence and whispering about the potential power couple.
Here are just a few of the photos that fans gathered to strengthen the argument that the two idols are, in fact, in a romantic relationship:
Tiffany’s Thanks To (above) & Nichkhun’s Thanks To (below)
Same necklace!!
Couple necklace around the same time!
Couple cell phone accessory
Couple notebook 

Couple bracelet
Do you guys believe that Nichkhun and Tiffany are in a relationship?
*KhunFanny is Copy from other articles*

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